Faculty Representative Assembly Meeting

Friday, October 8, 1999 12 noon, Library 125


1. Presidents Call to Order and Welcome
2. Administrator and Guest Reports:

- Chancellor Bunnell-Shade
- Vice Chancellor Pierce, Academic Affairs
- Vice Chancellor McDaniel, Administration & Finance
- Vice Chancellor Shockley, Student Success
- Lt. Susan Spryka, Campus Police

3. Presidents Report
4. Vice Presidents Report
5. Faculty Assembly Budget Report (Zwirlein)
6. Reports from Standing Committees

- Budget (Daly; written report only)
- EPUS (Napierkowski)
- Personnel and Benefits (Morley)
- Women's (Heidley)
- Minority Affairs (Warner)
- Academic Computing Policy (no report)

7. Old Business
8. New Business

- Motions from Robert Carlson (see below)

Motions from Robert Carlson:

Whereas, Salary is a major concern of faculty on this campus.

Whereas, The salary of full time instructors is a disgrace.

Whereas, A sampling of faculty suggests that the main problem for
professors is what is usually called compression: raises adjust salary
for inflation, but there is no substantial improvement in standard of
living as one is promoted through the professorial ranks. Examination
of national salary surveys indicates that after correction for inflation,
salaries should rise 25% as one is promoted from assistant to associate
professor, and 30% as one is promoted from associate to full professor.
At UCCS these figures are typically close to 0 \%.

Whereas, It appears that substantial correction of this problem for full
time faculty, including full time instructors, would cost about
$ 1.25 million per year, a large but not impossible sum.


1. That the representative assembly make the correction of salary problems
for full time faculty, specifically compression for tenure track faculty
and inadequate salary for instructors, a major focus of its efforts for
1999-2000, with regular monitoring of the progress toward a solution,
and that this priority be reflected in the meeting agenda.

2. That the representative assembly request that the administration,
the faculty budget committee, and the personnel and benefits committee
clarify the extent of the tenure track salary compression problem
and the inadequate instructor salary problem,
and provide estimates of the costs necessary to correct them.

3. That the representative assembly request that the administration,
after consultation with the faculty and university budget committees,
and the personnel and benefits committee, draft and execute a plan to
substantially correct the tenure track salary compression problem and the
inadequate instructor salary problem, preferably over a time period not to
exceed 3 years.

4. That the representative assembly consider, on a regular basis,
strategies for convincing the Chancellor, the President of the University,
the state
legislature, and other relevant authorities, to address this problem with
appropriate financial support.