Outstanding Instructor Award

Instructor Award

Outstanding Instructor Award

Recognizing Excellence in Teaching by Full-Time or Part-Time IRC Faculty Members


Candidates will be judged to be outstanding in teaching as well as having a thorough knowledge of their subject matter. Specific requirements are that the candidates:

  1. Be full- or part-time IRC faculty at UCC
  2. Have taught at least five semesters at UCCS
  3. Have not received this award previously


  1. Anyone may nominate the candidate; self-nominations are accepted.
  2. Supporting materials must include:
    1. A table of contents.
    2. A letter of nomination that briefly describes the nominee's teaching excellence.
    3. A narrative (double-spaced, 1000-word maximum) describing the nominee's teaching philosophy, written by the nominee.
    4. The nominee's curriculum vitae.
    5. A maximum of five letters of recommendation. (These can be solicited from students, faculty, or administrators, and should demonstrate a knowledge of the nominee's qualifications for the award.)
    6. Faculty Course Questionnaire results (both quantitative and qualitative) for all courses taught during the last five semesters
    7. Additional supporting documentation is welcome, but should be relevant and be kept brief.
  3. Anyone nominated in the previous year may be reconsidered for the next year at the nominator's discretion. The nominator may choose to update materials, but this is not required. Such reconsiderations are limited to one award cycle, after which new materials must be submitted.
  4. Materials should be assembled as a single PDF file and delivered to David Anderson, Faculty Assembly Committee on Teaching. (See also Tips for Preparing Award Nominations)

Award Review Rubric

Nomination Deadline

Friday, February 23, 2024


The winner of the Outstanding Instructor Award will receive a custom-made freestanding sculptured award and $4,000 (less taxes). The award will be presented at the Campus Awards Ceremony.


Funding for the Outstanding Instructor Award is provided by the Provost.

Questions? Contact: David Anderson