Subject: Faculty Budget Committee Report

Budget Analysis of Academic Initiatives
Faculty Budget Committee
Jim Daly, Chair

1. Tenure Track Faculty Compensation

This initiative involves both the achievement of parity in compensation
with our peer institutions and salary compression/inequity issues within
the faculty.

The most recent survey performed by Institutional Research which was done
for the 97-98 salaries, indicated that approximately $600,000 was need to
bring the Tenure track faculty salaries up to our peers. Given that we are
presently forming a new peer group and these figures are one year old, our
expectation is that the $600,000 figure is conservative, to say the least.
Deficiencies in benefit contributions was not discussed in this report. If
one also includes the compression/inequity resolution, it is expected that
at least $1,000,000 would be required to accomplish this initiative. A
more accurate figure cannot be arrived at this time without the detailed
study being asked for in the motion presently before the Faculty Assembly.

Cost: est. $1,000,000+

2. Instructor Compensation

This initiative involves the achieving parity with certain peer groups with
respect to non-tenure faculty compensation.

The most recent survey performed by Institutional Research, which was done
for the 97-98 salaries, indicated that approximately $200,000 was needed to
achieve parity with our present peer group of institutions. Recent
discussions have centered around having all campuses achieve parity in this
area. The Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs submitted a prioritized
request for achieving this goal which carried a cost of $400,000. Again
given that we are presently forming a new peer group and the present salary
comparison we have is over one year old, obtaining a precise estimate of
the cost is difficult.

Cost: est. $200,000 to $400,000

3. Reduction in Dependence Upon Lecturers

Approximately, 500 sections of courses were taught by lecturers during the
fall and spring semesters of last year. Assume that a tenure track faculty
member teaches five courses per year. Thus to reduce the number of courses
taught by lecturers by a factor of one-half (250 sections), would require
50 new tenure track faculty. Even assuming that all such hires are at the
beginning Assistant Professor level (minimum $55,000 total compensation),
the total cost would be at least $2,750,000.

Cost: est. $0 to $3,000,000

4. Lecturer Compensation

In the last fiscal year $1,300,000 was expended upon lecturers. This
includes fall, spring, and summer semesters. Recent talk has centered upon
raising the compensation of lecturers to an amount that that would be same
for each of the campuses. This is approximately $4,000 per course. Cost
of this initiative would then be $1,300,000. This does not include the
granting of benefits.

Cost: $0 to $1,500,000

What is needed is a plan and further study. These goals must be
prioritized along with others from across the campus. A detailed
multi-year plan must then be constructed to achieve our prioritized goals.
A part of this plan is the marshalling of resources. We believe not only
will growth monies be required, but reallocation of present resources and a
significant infusion of new monies (tuition increases, base adjustments,
etc.) will also be required to obtain our goals.

At the present time, the Budget Committee of the Faculty Assembly believes
that items 1 and 2 are of the highest priority and the most obtainable.
They should be combined into one goal - Compensation for Full-Time Faculty.
An appropriate strategy for implementation should be enacted and an
appropriate time line for accomplishment should be constructed. Given the
financial constraints of the campus, a time frame of 3 years is most