December 2013

December 2013

December 2013

December 13, 2013

Attendance: Mary Coussons-Read, Gayanne Scott, Homer Wesley, Mandi Elder, Michele Companion, Andrea Hutchins, Monique Dooley, Craig Elder, Bob Durham, Tom Zwirlein, Vicki Brownrigg, Peggy Beranek, Morgan Shepherd, Barbara Frye, Pam Carter, Valerie Brodar, Suzanne Cook, Curt Holder, Lisa Hines, Cerian Gibbes, Roger Martinez, Sonja Tanner, Norah Mazel, Anna Kosloski, Christina Martinez, Stephany Spaulding, Catherine Grandorff, Leal Lauderbaugh

Call to Order / Approval of Minutes:
Motion to approve the minutes from November 8, 2013 meeting by Pam Carter
Seconded by Tom Zwirlein
Motion passed with 20 in favor and 2 abstentions

Reports of Visitors:

Mary Coussons-Read, Provost:
The Provost thanked everyone in advance for volunteering for the program prioritization evaluation team. The process is underway and all colleges have been visited to gather input and that feedback will be incorporated into the criteria being used. The whole process will help us obtain good information about ourselves. There is both quantitative and qualitative data, and programs will do a one-page response for qualitative questions. There will be a one-week intensive commitment with training the week before. They will try to get the data available before that week - the training will be 2-3 hours. The rubrics are coming out ahead of time and programs responding to the qualitative questions will have the rubrics. The timing of this process is likely to be the last week of January for training and the first week of February for intensive work. The Non-tenure Track Faculty Multi-year Contract Taskforce is meeting to discuss multi-year contracts and develop a policy for those contracts. The process will be good in binding colleagues together. We are forming focus groups in the Spring for all faculty regarding faculty mentoring and development. We will be looking for volunteers and putting programs in place for Fall on faculty development and mentoring.

Gayanne Scott, Executive Director of Resource Management:
Gayanne introduced the new Human Resources Director, Jeanne Durr. The government released the budget on November 1st. There is an increase in funding that wasn't expected - $100 million is being allocated to higher ed. There is an 11% operating increase and the allocation of funds will be discussed with other system campuses. There will be $1.2 million going to Financial Aid and $5 million back to merit aid. There is a 3% increase for classified staff - 1.5% cost of living and 1.5% for merit. The catch on this is tuition cannot increase over 6%. For capital development, we expect an additional $3.1 million for the new VAPA building. City of Champions impacts building 2 with the Lane Center. The news is not out yet, but watch the paper after Dec. 16 - this could put us 5-10 years ahead on getting this building if the City of Champions goes through.

Homer Wesley, Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Enrollment Management:
Homer discussed the issues with the final exam schedule and talked about revisions. A 4-day schedule is possible by moving to a 2-hour exam schedule. Some concerns are that would move us away from the culture of exams being consistent with class times; concerns about presentation timing; and concerns about drastic time difference in when exams are offered. However, students would have plenty of time to plan for the difference and we would have space and time to accommodate all Friday exams, but it will require some juggling. With increased enrollment, there is a greater need to accommodate disabled students and the Testing Center has become burdened right now. Also, with increased enrollment and with 24% of the enrollment in Fall being Freshmen, we'll have more Friday classes, which will create more impact. Faculty feedback and communication are an important part of reviewing these issues and examining the process in order to move forward.

Officer Reports:

President's Report
There will be a special Faculty Assembly meeting with Regent Griego on Tuesday, February 18, from 11am - 12pm. Please RSVP to Monique if you plan to attend.

Vice-President's Report
No report, but reminded the assembly about the importance of serving on the prioritization team.

Past President's Report
Emphasized the importance of the prioritization process and that the Chancellor is adamant about robust faculty input - it needs to be faculty-driven.

Reports from Standing Committees:


Personnel & Benefits

Budget Advisory Committee

Faculty Minority Affairs Committee

Women's Committee:
They are working on a workshop and mini-grants.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Academic Computing:
Not present - no report

No report

Intercollegiate Athletics


Meeting today

Misconduct in Research, Scholarship & Creative Activities:
Not present - no report





1. The Library Advisory Committee moves that their attached bylaws be approved. 
     (Motion passed with 21 in favor, 0 opposed and 1 abstention)



Motion to adjourn the Faculty Assembly Meeting by Tom Zwirlein
Seconded by Craig Elder
Motion passed unanimously
Meeting adjourned at 1:37 p.m.