EPUS Report

In response to the Report of the University of Colorado Ad
Hoc Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty, the UCCS Committee on
Educational Policy and University Standards (EPUS) reaffirms the
importance of the tenure principle at the University of Colorado.
Consistent with that principle, the Committee firmly restates that
tenure-track faculty are the core of the faculty of all major

At the same time, EPUS expresses alarm at the increasing number of
non-tenure track faculty who are being hired to staff the University and
at the extraordinarily large and disproportional number of student credit
hours that are currently generated by non-tenure track faculty. The
Committee believes that this, in the long run, is not a sound and healthy
way of moving UCCS and the University of Colorado as a system into the
next millennium. EPUS is also alarmed at the way in which non-tenure track
faculty are exploited by the University.

With this in mind, EPUS endorses the general principles of the Ad
Hoc Non-Tenure Track Faculty Committee's recommendations and regards as
priorities the following items:
the improvement of salaries for all NTTF at UCCS;
the clarification of benefits for part-time NTTF on campus; and
the allocation of financial resources to address these issues as part of
the regular annual budget process.

Finally, EPUS acknowledges that these are general responses to the
Recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty and
expresses its willingness to provide specific feedback to the document if
it is charged to do so by the UCCS Faculty Assembly

We will next take up for review the campus grade-appeal

Professor Thomas J. Napierkowski
(719) 255-4007
Department of English
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
E-Mail: tnapierk@mail.uccs.edu