Faculty Representative Assembly Meeting

April 9, 2004

Attendance: Don Morley, Pam Shockley, Jenenne Nelson, Ron Fitz, Tom Gruen, Benjamin Nystuen, Don Klingner, R. Dandapani, James Null, Radha Pyati, Valerie Brodar, Barbara Joyce-Nagata, Judith Rice-Jones, Robert von Dassanowsky, Christopher Hill, Minette Church, Patricia Keilbach, Mark Malone, Michael Brunn, Tom Wolkow, Bob Melamede, Rick Petersen, Tery Boult, Laura Quinn, Linda Nolan, Michael Kisley, Livia Gilstrap, Lori James, David Moon, Lesley Ginsberg, Dan Ponder, Rebecca Duray, Jim Henderson, Rogers Redding, Brian Burnett, Phyllis Shiba

Reports of Visitors:

  1. Budget Report, Brian Burnett, VCAF & Pam Shockley, Chancellor

Discussion: Faculty Input on Budgetary Issues, Concerns and Processes

New Business:

Motion from Faculty Assembly Executive Team:

The Faculty Assembly supports an open and collaborative budget process. It recommends that all budgetary decisions be transparent at all levels and that administrators (including Deans and Vice Chancellors) seek input from faculty about budget cuts.

Motion passes unanimously.

Officer Reports:

A. President's report, Kelli had a handout and other documents: program discontinuance, 4-H program discontinuance, faculty retirement options committee, and FRO Executive Summary.

Vice President's report, We still need someone to run for president. There are a couple of people considering it. Those who serve as president will receive $3000 added to their base salary, along with the $8000 offload for the year.


Motion to adjourn the Faculty Assembly Meeting

Motion passed unanimously

LAC report

Women's committee report