MAY 12, 2000

Attendance: Richard Blade, Sam Milazzo, Lee Becker, Mark Malone, Mary Beth Chambers, Tom Zwirlein, Robert Carlson, Rex Welshon, Pam Shockley, Don Morley, Susan Taylor, Tom Napierkowski, Cleve McDaniel, Jenenne Nelson, John Pierce, Ron Fitz, Connie Pendleton


Doris Carey sent her farewells to everyone through Richard Blade.

Richard Blade asked for a motion to approve the minutes of April 14, 2000.

Moved Bob Carlson to approve the minutes from April 14, 2000.
Seconded by Jenenne Nelson

Motion passed unanimously.


VCAA report - John Pierce - Dr. Pierce discussed Continuing Education noting that the distribution of activities will be in the hands of the colleges basically eliminating the central office. The effective date of this change will be July 1, 2000. One of the issues that arose from this change were problems with personnel, making sure that there was placement of the permanent staff from that department. One employee left and the other two have been placed. There is going to be a campus coordinator, but no one has applied. Dr. Pierce is currently negotiating with the Dean of Education to take on the coordinator responsibilities. Joe Rallo is managing the transition.

Dr. Pierce also discussed the Academic Planning Committee noting that this is not a curriculum approval committee. This is for major changes and new programs dealing with issues of curriculum, analyzing their value, not approving or disapproving them. Administrators and faculty members from each college will be on the committee.

VCAF report - Cleve McDaniel - Cleve discussed parking and the fact that there will not be an increase in faculty permits. They are working with Pikes Peak Community College to develop a joint dispatching unit that would be housed here. Pikes Peak would provide some of the positions, which would give us a full time 24/7 dispatching office. It would start in the fall and would increase service delivery and decrease cost. The Shuttle that is used here, is subsidized by the federal government. It was asked if the fees for parking could be taken out on a pre-tax basis and Cleve advised that he will explore the possibility.

Budget is moving forward to the June 7 system-wide budget retreat. We have prepared the documents that take our dollars and allocate them towards the IRMS and TLE goals.

There is a meeting this afternoon with the CCHE to discuss master planning.

We are moving forward with our campus facilities master long range plan.

VCSS report - Pam Shockley - The budget has a 3.13 increase in student credit hour and looks good. Freshman applications are up 10%, summer is up 3% today and fall is up 9%. The first orientation is tomorrow and we are maxed out with 250 people expected.

There are applications on the web along with immediate e-mail. There is also a site being worked on for virtual open houses for graduate programs. There is going to be an advertising campaign and information will be sent out on how to get there as soon as it is up and running.


President's report -Richard Blade - handout

Vice President/President-Elect report - Mark Malone - handouts, EPUS,and Salary Enhancement

Faculty Council Representative - Tom Zwirlein - discussed Faculty Council Meeting and passed around minutes from that meeting.


  1. EPUS - Tom Napierkowski - The Core Curriculum was approved. There was a discussion regarding the uniform grade appeal process as to whether or not it had been approved. It was agreed that Richard Blade would check into the status of this process with all the colleges and then Richard will send a letter to Dr. Pierce for a campus-wide policy.
  2. Personnel and Benefits - Don Morley - There was a discussion on the web based FCQ pilot. Every student will have an ID and pin number to fill out the FCQ and then will log off. There are some problems with SIS Department and some student based problems.

Four colleges were addressed regarding Salary Oversight leaving out Beth-El and GSPA. There are 4 different systems for evaluating faculty members. This will be examining major issues and there is correspondence circulating regarding merit ratings and money awarded. The draft is circulating electronically.

  1. Budget - no report
  2. Minority Affairs - handout
  3. Committee on Women - handout
  4. Academic Computing Policy - Richard Blade advised that this committee has been shut down until next fall.
  5. Non-Tenure Track Faculty Committee - no report
  6. Library Advisory Committee - no report
  7. Election Committee - Mark Malone - The results of the 2000 Faculty Representative Election will be out on Tuesday.


Mark Malone's goals for 2000 - 2001 will be to solve salary equity for regular and non-tenure track faculty. He would like to extend the opportunity to people for feedback to the Assembly and would like to see everyone involved.

A discussion arose regarding students being on the faculty-l list for e-mail. Most felt that this is a faculty list and should be kept to only faculty. It was agreed that additional discussion is needed in regards to this matter.

Richard Blade made an unofficial motion to: Direct Richard Blade as President of the Faculty Assembly, to direct Chris Martinez who is in charge of the Faculty - l list, to take students off the list.

All in favor - 5

Opposed - 2

Rex Welshon thanked Richard Blade for being an outstanding Faculty Assembly President.

Richard Blade adjourned the meeting at 2:00pm.