DECEMBER 10, 1999

ATTENDANCE: Doris Carey, Richard Blade, Mark Malone, Don Morley, Pam Shockley, David Moon, Tom Hutton, Linda Bunnell Shade, Gerald Oleszek, Christina Martinez, Tom Zwirlein, Jenenne P. Nelson, Samuel Milazzo, Rex Welshon, Perrin Cunningham, Harlow Sheidley, Robert Carlson, Cleve McDaniel, Bob Lorch, Pam Bacon, Ron Fitz, Connie Pendleton.


Introduction of Connie Pendleton, Administrative Assistant, and Tom Hutton, Director of University Relations.


i) Chancellor Linda Bunnell Shade – 6 legislators on campus, good discussions, feedback positive, parking negative. Discussed CCHE performance indicators, CCHE budget, CCHE database on Faculty. Talked with legislators regarding capital request: money only for continuation projects; no money for new projects – library will be completed and the remodel of Cragmor. Engineering is #41 on list.
Regents: considering low enrollment programs: at UCCS Physics BS and Applied Math BS - Administrative Organization Panel is finally getting off the ground, delay largely due to the redefinition of our peer institutions; was successful in getting our peer institutions, at least in regards to CU Budget issues and were upgraded significantly. What we’ve been able to do now, once we have those peer institutions, we can compare our expenditures in a wide variety of categories with those in our peer institutions and so we finally have some data to start to talk about where we stand relative to other institutions as well as ways we can do things better and more efficiently. Would like initial meeting in very early January.

ii) Vice Chancellor Pam Shockley – sent e-mail regarding trend data – looks good, much better than 92-93 benchmark.  Discussed spring enrollment, 8 scholarships for spring, 2 more to acquire for Family Development Center.

iii) David Moon reporting for John Pierce – discussion on program discontinuance – 2 programs identified; Applied Math and Physics. CCHE not particularly supportive of keeping programs just to have them, low enrollment is significant concern; will vote to allow us to exempt programs. Should be in good shape as enrollment could come up to take off list. Spanish close to brink. Core Curriculum out for discussion with faculty. Committee intends to have comments back by end of January, may be a bit optimistic. Will probably do more solicitation of comments and will proceed to consider comments and report back.  TLE grant request: changes made in funding, would come from campus, will emphasize this on budget – taken to UBAC for comment to choose which one to go forward to.

iv) Vice Chancellor McDaniel – discussed CU allocation model for funding new money.

Did fairly well on peer comparison – new peer group. Suggestions from faculty included the fact that Faculty salaries ought to take into account cost of living. Discussions on base salary, cost of living differences, inflation and taxes.


Handed out printed copy.  


Tom Zwirlein sent Word document to Richard Blade for posting on web. Faculty Council/Faculty Senate met numerous times and passed a number of motions, which are listed in those minutes.

Gerald Oleszek – Added that Faculty Council passed a motion for the Privilege and Tenure committee to first have the person heading P & T give back 50% of his salary and second the P & T committee at times finds the legal office not available either too busy or not correct answers, money should be made available for external legal consult subject to approval by University attorney.


i) Budget Committee/UBAC – no report

ii) EPUS – Bob Lorch – received proposed uniform policy on student grade appeals, looks good. Committee concerned to nail it down, burden of proof on student, committee concerned to put emphasis on statement that role of instructor to be kept informed of what’s going on in appeal and receive written updates and be notified of grade change. Reaffirm policy AAUP regarding grade appeals, instructor will have final say – nail it down that an appeal from instructor to department (if there is a department) that the department is the appropriate next level of appeal.  Discussion on this policy, very late, hot issue for nursing faculty. Suggestion to send back to EPUS – not an action item, put under New Business item #4 – move forward. 

iii) P & T – no report
Personnel – no report

iv) Minority Affairs – no report

v) Women’s Committee – nothing to add

vi) Academic Computing – Lee Becker voted as chair

vii) Non Tenure Track Faculty – no report

viii) Library, Peg Bacon, temporary Chair – asking Rick Wunderli to take over chair. Has full contingent of members, library allocation policy, will bring proposals. Discussion on allocation formula and approval process – advisory committee with Dean of Library making final decision.


Discussion on constitution – issue: Suggest that the issue be written as, "Our Faculty Assembly Constitution has wording that may be at odds with the systemwide definition for membership: We include part-time instructors while the system includes only full-time instructors.


Moved (Don Morley) that the Faculty Representative Assembly request that the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs implement the "Salary Grievances – Policy and Procedures for Equity" dated November 4, 1999 at the earliest possible date.

Seconded by  Tom Zwirlein
Discussion on motion
Vote to adopt motion  - unanimous
Opposed none
Abstained none

Moved (Perrin Cunningham) that the UCCS Representative Assembly request that UCCS make benefits policies for half-time Non Tenure Track faculty consistent with E.R.I.S.A. and the Federal Tax Reform Act of 1986.

Seconded by – Rex Welshon

Discussion on motion, move ahead with vote

All in favor 12 – carries unanimously
Opposed none
Abstained none

3. Moved (Rex Welshon) that Bylaw VI.C.1 be changed so that the word "June" is replaced with the word "October."

(Meeting turned over to Vice President)

Seconded by – Jenenne Nelson

Discussion on motion – concerns of time frame

Moved (Jenenne Nelson) to postpone

Seconded by - Harlow Shieldley

Vote to postpone and refer to Executive Committee

All in favor 8 - motion carries
Opposed 1
Abstained none

Motion to accept EPUS report on grade appeal process (Gerald Oleszek)

Seconded by – Tom Zwirlein

Moved (Perrin Cunningham) to suspend bylaws as original motion was not given the required Notice of Motion prior to the meeting.

Seconded by – Don Morley Vote for suspending bylaws:

All in favor unanimous   
Opposed none
Abstained none

Discussion on suspension of bylaws.

Discussion on EPUS report on grade appeal

Concerns:      Contradiction between 1st and last sentence (last sentence needs changing)
Fees, costs involved                
Protection of faculty from malicious students,
harassment by students
If   Dean changes grade, is Dean accepting responsibility?
Grade appeal and harassment should be separate items
Taking away Academic Freedom

Moved (Rex Welshon) refer revised version of the proposed policy on student grade appeals back to EPUS to             disambiguate the grammatical construction of step 3 and to remove inconsistencies of step 1 and step 3 concerning              formal complaints and allegations of harassment or discrimination.

Seconded by – Harlow Shieldley

Accepted amendments to add in:     considering consequences for student’s abuse of this policy
Protection for faculty

Discussion on missing deadlines if referred back to EPUS.

All in favor 10 – passed unanimously
Opposed none
Abstained none

Richard Blade asked for any announcements and with none, adjourned the meeting at 2:04 p.m.