Faculty Representative Assembly Meeting

December 12, 2003


Ceil Malek, Lesley Ginsberg, Rebecca Duray, Rick Petersen, Michael Brunn, Robert von Dassanowsky, Don Klingner, Robert Wonnett, Valerie Brodar, Sue Byerly, Rogers Redding, Linda Watts, Sue Finger, Miranda Egger, Charlie Shub, Ron Fitz, Kelli Klebe, Jenenne Nelson, Tom Napierkowski, Harriet Napierkowski, Judith Rice-Jones, Don Morley, Chuck Simmons, Laura Quinn

Call to Order / Approval of Minutes:

There was a moment of silence in remembrance of Jan Tharp.

Motion to approve the minutes from November, 2003.

Seconded by Don Morley.

Motion passed unanimously

Reports of Visitors:


CCHE approved the program plan for the Science and Engineering building.

The first research symposium for homeland security education consortium was held here on campus and also at Peterson Air Force Base this past week.

The academic planning committee is preparing their recommendation with regard to new faculty lines.

Officer Reports:

President's report President Hoffman presented an academic freedom document to senator Andrews.  It documents how CU supports academic freedom for students and faculty.

The regents approved a faculty housing program expansion.

Faculty executive team will have a retreat in January. They will be looking at the constitution and bylaws to see if they match the practices, and to brainstorm on how to strengthen faculty governance.  If anyone has any input please let Kelli know.

Vice President's report No report

Past President's report No report

Reports From Standing and Special Committees:

EPUS no report

Athletics Both men's and women's basketball teams will be playing tonight and tomorrow night.

Personnel and Benefits no report

Sustainability handout

Committee on Women handout

Library Advisory handout

Unfinished Business

Linda Watts made a motion to withdrawal their motion from last month

(Faculty Assembly requests that the VCAA designate one of the available new hire positions as an Opportunity Hire of a tenure-track faculty person of under-represented minority status.  This is in line with Vision 2010 and UCCS Diversity planning goals and follows the opportunity hire policy approved by the faculty assembly last year.)

Don Morley seconded.

No discussion.

Motion passes unanimously.

New Business:

Motion from EPUS


A) Faculty Assembly recommends that the Attendance Guidelines be adopted and distributed to all faculty and students.

Motion made by Tom Napierkowski

Seconded by Charlie Shub

.No discussion

Motion passes unanimously

Motions from Personnel and Benefits

B) Faculty Assembly recommends to UBAC that:

1. Funds allocated to address salary compression should be distributed two thirds to address non-tenure track faculty compression and one third to address tenured and tenure track faculty compression.

Motion made by Don Morley

Seconded by Jenenne Nelson

Tom makes a motion to change "must" to "is advised"

Charlie seconds.

No discussion

Motion passes unanimously

Don calls the question

Motion passes unanimously

2. Within each group the allocation of funds should focus on those individuals who's salary lag is 10% or greater as indicated by the 2003-2004 peer average salary study.

Motion made by Don Morley

Seconded by Charlie Shub


Don Klingner makes a friendly amendment that UBAC will take care of the fine points.

Don Morley declines

Rebecca Duray makes a motion to ad "refined"

Charlie Shub seconds

8 yes, 3 no, 2 abstain

Motion carries

Question is called

11 yes, 2 no, 3 abstain

Motion carries

3. The executive team develops a plan to address all of the approximate $750,000 compression problem in a period not to exceed three years.

Motion is made by Don Morley

Seconded by Jenenne Nelson

Radha makes a motion to change the language.

Hariette seconds.

Radha withdrawals motion to change the language

Don Morley withdrawals the original motion.l

Uniform Grading Policy Discussion

It was approved by the Faculty Council and it comes from the system wide EPUS.  This policy goes across all four campuses.

It has been sent to chancellors to give to the deans in order to run a vote in the colleges.

Kelli emailed the website to Faculty Assembly members to go over the changes.

Campus Concerns

Kelli asked for input on faculty concerns.

Some topics were:


Lack of new faculty lines

Office space


Low morale

Damage the FCQs are doing to students

Academic dishonesty

The distribution of information


Motion to adjourn the Faculty Assembly

Meeting Motion passed unanimously.