March 2008

March 2008

March 2008


March 14, 2008

Attendance: Ron Fitz, Charlie Shub, Paul Sondrol, Jackie Berning, John Harner, Pam Carter, Chris Martinez, Kelli Klebe, Bob Durham, Josh Dunn, Monique French, Tom Zwirlein, Eddie Portillos, Sylvia Martinez, Christina Jiménez

Call to Order/Approval of Minutes

Report of Visitors:

David Moon:

Reported that the Promotion and Tenure Task Force has completed its work and a report will be sent to EPUS and scheduled for discussion at the April 4 Faculty Assembly.  David also announced that the Provost candidates would be on campus March 17 and 18.  He informed the Assembly that the search for the Library Dean is complete and the Library will make its recommendation.  Beth El Nursing is in the middle of its search for a new Dean.

Robert Wonnet:

Reported that the Student Response Team has been created and noted at noon on April 11 presentation and meeting regarding student needs (mental health, other types of behavior, safety on campus, etc.).

R. L. Widmann, Chair of the Faculty Council:

Discussed the implementation of 40 recommendations in the 2006 ACTRP (Advisory Committee on Tenure Related Processes) report (review of our tenure processes).  Discussion followed.  Also, the system-wide EPUS Committee needs three representatives from UCCS.

President’s Report:

Jim Null reported that he is almost 100% recovered after complications following surgery.  Jim was also hoping that he could get in-coming President Bruce Benson to come visit our campus soon and to have faculty host him on campus with tours and discussions relating to our resources needs.  He also told the Assembly the good news that Charlie Shub believes that President Brown had approved extending the current plan regarding tuition benefits to 9 credit hours (from six) for employees.  Jim also reminded the Assembly of the new benefit options and plans for next year are being discussed and to watch for emails and hard copies providing information.

Vice-President’s Report:

Jackie Berning reminded the Assembly that on Monday, March 17, balloting begins for fall, 2008 faculty representatives.  Voting closes on Friday before Spring Break.

Past-President’s Report: 

No Report.


EPUS: Kelli Klebe discussed evaluations of administrators.  Also, she said that the Assembly would look at Mentoring Policy at the April Assembly meeting.  Kelli also reported that EPUS was still trying to develop an Academic Ethics Code.

PERSONNEL AND BENEFITS: Tom Zwirlein reported that the Chancellor did an excellent job at last week’s forum explaining the situation regarding salary and tuition increases.  Also, Tom reminded the Assembly that the Benefits Packages are coming out in April (on line only).

BUDGET: No Report.

MINORITY AFFAIRS: Christina Jiménez reminded the Assembly of the April 18 workshop regarding new faculty development and retention.  Christina also reported the Committee planning a yearly event to speak to the perspectives of minority faculty.  She also reported the committee supporting a Cesar Chávez national holiday, and reminded the Assembly of the White Privilege Conference and Cinco de Mayo (no, not Mexican Independence day, but victory over the French at the battle of Puebla).


ACADEMIC COMPUTING: David Anderson reported, as per the ITAC Newsletter that the campus has nearly run out of phone numbers for the 262 prefix and of future changes to come.  David also reported that the campus is now registered with iTunes U, and we will be working with their representatives to get our campus site set up.  He also said he has a tentative scheduled demonstration of ANGEL on April 4 and DESIRE2LEARN on April 25 (see ITAC Newsletter, March 13).  Finally, David reported a recent scan has detected the last of the remaining SSNs in NT accounts and recycle bins, and users have been notified.

LIBRARY: No Report.

INTERCOLLIGIATE ATHLECTICS: Charlie Shub reported on the Softball Team’s game this week with Fort Lewis College.  Charlie also reported that ground would be broken this summer on the new Sports and Events Center.

SUSTAINABILITY: Judy Rice-Jones reported that changes to the Sustainability Minor are not on the website.  Judy also said the committee wrote a letter to the search committee for the Library Dean saying how much they liked the first candidate.  She also urged the university to support the development of a North End trolley and discussed the Chancellor’s Forum on Sustainability last week.






Send nominees for the Faculty Assembly Service Award to the Faculty Assembly Executive Committee.


Motion to Adjourn.
Motion Passes.
Meeting Adjourned at 2:00pm.