November 2006

November 2006

November 2006

Faculty Representative Assembly Meeting

November10, 2006


Attendance: Bob Durham, Ron Fitz, Pamela Shockley, Edwardo Portillos, Tom Zwirlein, Ceil Malek, David Moon, Dick Discenza, Brian Burnett, Pam Carter, Jim Null, Kelli Klebe, Jackie Berning, Valerie Brodar, Livia Gilstrap, Chuck Beck


Call to Order / Approval of Minutes:


No Motion to approve the minutes from October 2006


Reports of Visitors:

Pam Shockley:

NCA reviewers will be here Sunday evening. The Vision 2010 goals are still the officially adopted campus goals. This is a recap of the Vision 2010.

2003: SILO is designed to refine strategies to achieve goals set in Mission 2010.

2004: Inventing the Future developed a contingency plan in the event a statewide referendum altering state tax funding did not pass.

2005: Seven - Year Growth Plan: A financial plan created to support Vision 2010. The CU Board of Regents approved the plan.

2006-2007: Strategic Planning: CU President Hank Brown initiates a new campus-based strategic planning process and seeks to build on previous efforts and to coordinate requirements for CCHE.

All faculty should attend the faculty forum with the NCA reviewers next Tuesday.


Next month there will be a discussion about a new evaluation process for administration, including faculty assembly.


Brian Burnett:
Construction is going well on the new recreation center and for Dwire everything is on schedule. The street construction at Austin Bluffs and Nevada is actually ahead of schedule. Starting in January they will begin construction on the road connecting University Hall with the rest of campus. Heller property should be complete in about a year. Science and Engineering is starting the construction of the new building.


David Moon:

Tuesday at 2:30 the faculty assembly is scheduled to meet with some of the reviewers in UC 303. There is an open forum for all of faculty with the reviews at 3:30.

The Deans Council has been working on drafting some language to flesh out the academic strategic plan. It will then go to EPUS this month.



Officer Reports (system wide):


President's Report attached


Vice President's Report

No Report


Past President's Report

No Report


Reports From Standing Committees:


EPUS: Report

Will meet next Friday the topic is the Academic Ethics Code.



No Report


Personnel and Benefits

Minutes attached


Minority Affairs Committee

Minutes attached


Women's Committee

No Report


Academic Computing

No Report


Non Tenured Track Faculty

Minutes attached


Research Council

No Report



A draft was circulated to Library Committee members regarding the funding the Library receives. The Library is going to ask the Faculty Assembly to recommend a 8% increase. Library Advisory Committee motion

The committee was asked to look at what an 8% increase will look like over the next 5 to 10 years, and to project how the increase will be spent.


Teaching Excellence Committee

No Report


Sustainability Committee

Report attached


Athletic Department

Student Athletic Association had a trick or treating event for local schools here on campus.


The candidates for the CU Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research

The first candidate Michael Poliakoff

The second candidate Dominic Aquila is the email to respond to the interviews with the candidates.








Livia Gilstrap made three motions 1. To accept the nominations of Dick Discenza and Chuck Beck as the faculty representatives for the College of Business to Faculty Assembly.  2. To accept the first 3 faculty to volunteer to fill the 3 faculty council seats without an election. 3. To hold an election if more than 3 faculty volunteer for the positions.

Valerie Brodar seconded the motion.

The motion passed unanimously.




Motion to adjourn the Faculty Assembly Meeting

Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 2.00 pm.