Personnel And Benefits

November 2, 1999 Meeting

1. Open Enrollment Issues

Only 12 CSHP physicians are currently certified by CIGNA. About 40
more are in the certification process and Vicki Mair has requested that
CIGNA notify her as physicians are certified so that she can in turn notify
the UCCS community.

Vicki Mair stressed the importance of people taking on going medication to
call the insurance provider BEFOR they sign up to make sure the
medication is on the providers formulary.

2. Carlson motion and salary study

Salary studies have already been completed by institutional research.
However, the one study discussed probably understates the extent of the
compensation problem because:
a. it looked at salary-not total compensation which is significant
since with the exception of a �% increase in retirement our
benefit contribution has remained unchanged for five years.
b. The UCCS comparison group is also badly underpaid and a new
comparison group that more accurately reflects the extent of the
problem is being negotiated.

3. Salary grievance revision

Last year the Personnel and Benefits committee reviewed a proposed salary
grievance policy for equity adjustments. Recommendations for significant
revisions to the policy were forwarded to VCAA Pierce late this summer.
The committee reviewed the revised policy and unanimously endorsed it
with two minor revisions that have since been incorporated.

4. Pilot on FCQ

The FCQ pilot is still waiting for computing services to contact the
consulting company about the type of files that need to be generated from
our SIS system in order to run the pilot. Twelve faculty members have
volunteered between one and three classes each to be used in the pilot this

5. APA issues

The committee is in agreement with the Chancellor that the APA should be
administered earlier in the semester. That time would most probably be
either immediately before or after spring break.