To: Rep Assembly
From: Richard Blade
Re: President's report for the 11-12-99 Rep Assembly meeting
Date: 11-10-99

First, let me propose a vote of thanks for Diana Cook's service to the Rep
Assembly (RA). We shall all miss her hard work and good spirits. We are
currently interviewing potential replacements and should have someone shortly.

A new laser printer/page feeding scanner makes converting hard copy reports
into web pages easy. You'll see more email reports with web links in the

As a member of the CCHE Faculty Advisory Council (CFAC), I attended a
meeting Oct 15 on the quality indicators. It was not at all encouraging
for the future of higher education in Colorado; I shall let the Chancellor
go into details. I have various documents from the CCHE if you want to see
them. In particular, I recently emailed a notice that I have the next
year's indicators recently passed by the CCHE. In addition, I have put a
copy of the CCHE masterplan on the web at
// .

Significant progress is being made on the integrated resource management
system (IRMS), which means future budgeting will be done not only on State
appropriations and tuition, but all financial sources. Tom Zwirlein has
played a major role in it for this campus.

Also significant progress is being made on the new formula for distributing
State funds among the campuses. A key factor will be the new peer groups
being determined for the campuses. This set of peers is not the same as
the peer institutions used by the CCHE.

Much discussion has occurred in LAS, the Deans Council, EPUS committee, and
the NTTF committee on the systemwide non-tenure track faculty proposals.
The Regents are asking for responses by Nov 20, and VCAA Pierce is
attempting to file a consolidated report of all responses.

I have made many appointments of faculty to various committees over the
last 2 months. Rep Assembly committee memberships appear below. A least
an equal number of appointments have been made to non-Rep Assembly
committees and groups as well.

One committee that I formed since the last meeting is the Faculty Salary
Enhancement Committee to implement the Carlson motions passed at the last
meeting. Mark Malone will chair it, and membership will include Don Morley
as chair of the Personnel and Benefits Committee, Jim Daly as chair of the
Budget Committee, VCAA Pierce, VCAF McDaniel, and two more faculty to be
selected by Mark. Bob Carlson and I discussed the interpretation of the
motions since the last meeting, and in motion 4, namely,
"That the representative assembly create a committee to implement
strategies for convincing the Chancellor, the President of the University,
the state legislature, and other relevant authorities, to address this
problem with appropriate financial support." I learned that Bob interpreted
"this problem" to mean general finances of the campus and not just faculty
salaries. If I hear no objections at the meeting, I shall choose this
interpretation and proceed to implement the motion accordingly.

The TLE Implementation Team met with the Chancellor during October to
discuss the progress of the campus towards the TLE goals. The meeting was
productive and encouraging.

Master planning of the campus proceeds very well, as those attending the
recent forum know. Choosing one of three possible major models for future
development, including the west campus along Nevada: the linear model, the
cluster model, and two centers, is the next major step. Tom Huber, Kee
Warner, and I are members of the Master Planning Committee.

At the request of the Boulder Faculty Assembly, I have provided that group
with my email elections software.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Blade, President
UCCS Faculty Assembly

1999-2000 Faculty Assembly Committee Membership

Budget Committee:

Jim Daly, EAS
Jim Rothe, BUS
Jim Matoon, LAS
Barbara Nagata, Beth-El
David Fenell, ED (Chair of the UBAC)
Chistina Martinez, LIB
Richard Blade, LAS

Personnel & Benefits Committee:

Don Morley, LAS - Chair
Al Ramirez, ED
Catherine Mundy, LIB
Richard Blade, LAS
Tom Zwirlein, BUS
Vicky Mair, Benefits Office

Committee on Educational Policy and University Standards (EPUS):

Tom Napierkowski, LAS - Chair*
Paul Grogger, LAS *
Manfred Diehl, LAS
Mark Malone, EDU *
Robert Lorch, LAS
Rita Hug, LIB
Harlow Sheidley, LAS
Rinaldo Schinazi, EAS *
Marijke Augusteijn, EAS
Robert Durham, LAS *
Hasker Davis, LAS
Dale DeBoer, LAS *

* = those who will go off the committee at the end of this AY

Women's Committee:

Abby Ferber, Sociology - Chair
Marijke Augusteijn, Computer Science
Kathleen Lagana, Beth-El
Sylvia Nolte, Education
Dorothea Olkowski, Philosophy
Rebecca Laroche, English
Lesley Ginsburg, English
Teresa Jillson, Women's Studies, Languages and Cultures
Harlow Sheidley, History

Minority Affairs Committee:

Kee Warner, Sociology - Chair
Inez Dolz Blackburn, Languages and Cultures
Dula J. Espinoza, Sociology
Adelina Gomez, Communication
Jugal Kalita, Computing Science
Kathleen Lagana, Nursing
Mario Carrillo, Military Science
Andrea Herrera, Ethic Minority Studies
Adriana Karch, Center for Oral Communication

Library Committee:

Cindy Roach, Beth-El
Rick Wunderli, Hum
Bob Lorch, Soc Sci
Marek Grabowski, Sci
Peg Bacon, ED
Chris Martinez, LIB
Sudhanshu Semwal, EAS
Mark McConkie, GSPA

Academic Computing Policy Committee:

Lee Becker, LAS
Marek Grabowski, LAS
Judith Rice-Jones, LIB
Dale DeBoer, LAS
Morgan M. Shepherd, Bus
Dave Schmidt, EAS
Ed Chow, EAS (assigned to conduct the election of chair)

Awards Committee:

Thus far the volunteers are

Dave Schmidt, EAS
Dave Anderson, LAS
Tom Christensen, LAS
Mark Malone, ED (willing to chair)