Subject: Women's faculty Committee Budget Summary

Here is a summary of the Women's Faculty Committee's expenditures for
1998-1999. Numbers are approximate and rounded.

$500- 1997-1998 small grants awarded by the Women's Faculty Committee and
the Center for Women's Studies, to support teaching and research on
gender. This amount should have come out of the previous year's budget,
but grant recipients submitted receipts late.

$600- Annual Welcoming Reception Brunch for all women faculty,

$1000- Public performance by performance artist Kimberly Dark, Feb. 1999.
Costs include honorarium and reception.

$700- Food for lunch meetings and brownbag workshops

$350- End of the year reception in the Gallery of Contemporary Art for all
women faculty, instructors/lecturers/honorarium

$1000- books and curricular materials for the development of a curriculum
integration workshop, to be offered in 2000 (co-sponsored by the
President's Fund for the Recruitment and Retention of Women and Minority
Faculty, and Vice Chancellor Pierce's office)

$2000- 1998-99 Small grants (at this point is appears that some grant
money that should have been distributed before the end of the fiscal year
was not. We are currently looking into this; all paperwork and receipts
were submitted well in advance of the end of the year, and it is unclear
why they were not paid out)

We also supported the visit of historian Nancy Cott, with funding received
from the President's Fund for the Humanities

Abby Ferber